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Published:October 5th, 2010 00:19 EST
eddie long

Top Ten Dead Giveaways That Eddie Long Is Gay

By Robert Paul Reyes

*When Eddie Long wants to spice up his sex life (with his wife), he doesn`t ask her to dress like a naughty nurse or don a Catholic schoolgirl uniform. The wacky man of God begs her to don short shorts and a frizzy wig and pretend she`s Richard Simmons.

*Long buys Playboy magazine for the articles.

eddie long

*Long`s nickname for his Jheri Curl wig: Sweet Little Jerry.

*He`s never missed a Madonna or Lady Gaga concert held in Georgia.

*He never preaches a sermon without wearing his lucky purple thongs. Although they are more brown than purple by now.

*Guess who invented the phrase: On the downlow!

*Long has memorized the lyrics to every Justin Beiber song.

*Most wannabe pimps like to be called "Mack Daddy", Long prefers to be addressed as "Precious Little Daddy."

*Likes to wrestle with his guy pals while watching wrestling on TV.

*Can`t stand Angelina Jolie, because she looks better in stiletto heels than he does.

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