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Published:October 5th, 2010 12:22 EST
al gore

Al Gore Is An Oxygen Thief

By Robert Paul Reyes


"British environmentalists have withdrawn a video in which a teacher blows up children who refuse to reduce their carbon footprint.

The group 10:10 said the film, starring Gillian Anderson, was intended to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh,` the BBC reported." UPI

al gore

The consensus of the public and the scientific community on climate change is that human activity is a significant cause for the increase in global average temperatures.

Only a few Neanderthals argue that humans don`t play a part in climate change. However some climate change zealots are as obnoxious as those who insist that our outsized carbon footprints doesn`t cause global warming.

A film depicting a teacher who blows up children who refuse to reduce their carbon footprints is funny, but it would be hilarious if a good citizen blew up Al Gore.

Al Gore is the most boring person in the world; he`s an oxygen thief. He`s stealing our oxygen; I wish he would hold his breath until he died. If Al Gore died it would do wonders for the environment, the world-class hypocrite travels all over the world in private jets to lecture us about climate change.

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