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Published:October 6th, 2010 16:11 EST

Would You Work As A Monkey Chaser?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Chasing monkeys has been added to the jobs on offer in Taiwan under a government-sponsored programme to boost employment, an official said Wednesday.

Kaohsiung city in southern Taiwan is offering 17,600 Taiwan dollars (560 US) a month for staff charged with keeping the primates from developing too disturbing behavioural patterns, said the official at the city`s labour bureau.


`The `monkey chasers` will tell people not to feed wild monkeys, as that will lead them to develop abnormal behaviours such as grabbing people`s food or invading homes,` he said." AFP

India is a godforsaken country plagued by small monkeys. In anticipation of the Commonwealth Games New Delhi has deployed an army of langur monkeys to keep the smaller Rhesus monkeys in check. Who`s going to control the langur monkeys, gorillas?

A city in Taiwan is hiring "monkey chasers" to keep monkeys away from hotels, department stores and other public venues.

I`m sorry but any country with a monkey problem can`t be taken seriously. It`s an outrage that a backwards country like India was awarded the Commonwealth Games, and I hope China finally invades Taiwan. I`m sure communist China won`t tolerate any monkey business.

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