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Published:October 7th, 2010 20:48 EST

Lawyer Thrown in Jail For Not Saying Pledge of Allegiance

By Inactive Writer

I rarely find myself capable of saying anything good or promising about the South. Living there for three years gave me no shortage of things to ridicule, demean and shake my weakened fist at.

In America, land of the free, home of the brave, where you have the freedom to hold your own convictions, practice your own religion and live your own life, sometimes you encounter denials and suppressions of said freedoms that make you scratch your head.


This sentiment holds true in the case of Tupelo, MS attorney Danny Lampley.

Lampley was preparing for an upcoming trial when people in the courtroom were asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. When he refused, the judge held him in contempt of court and he was subsequently jailed.

WTVA Tupelo reports that the court documents say he outright refused to say it. However, Lampley says that they were told to stand for the pledge " not to recite it. He did stand, out of respect for the entering judge.

The judge noticed that Lampley didn`t recite the Pledge, and asked him to do so. Lampley refused, and that`s pretty much where the story ends. The lawyer " who was released from jail at around 2:30 PM, hopes to talk with the judge, Talmadge Littlejohn, about the matter.

This apparently isn`t the first time this particular judge has had it in for Lampley, he had him removed from a courtroom in Corinth, MS for the same thing.

The judge simply stated to questions concerning the matter that "the documents speak for themselves."

Sure, the documents speak for themselves, and to me, they speak nothing of goodness. They speak loudly with a big stick that bashes freedom harder and harder every day - a stick of which has cleaved another piece from the stone of Freedom, so to speak. This is an outrage - it`s his constitutional right to not want to say the Pledge. What is this, kindergarten class or something? I`m surprised the judge didn`t whap the lawyer on the wrist with a ruler and make him Hail Mary.

So, for those of you with Mississippi in your upcoming travel plans, you may as well strap on your boots and goose-step across the border line. For those of you who will claim Godwin`s Law at the preceding statement, I challenge you to say the statement isn`t fitting. Being forced to say something you shouldn`t have to with a punishment of incarceration is not something unbecoming of what Godwin`s law debases.

Let`s hope Lampley does what people of his profession do best - sue the living hell out of the parties involved for wrongful incarceration and another tragedy unfolding in the face of Lady Liberty.

Note: The author of this article is no longer affiliated with theSOP.