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Published:October 14th, 2010 12:42 EST
amy winehouse

Mystery: How Did Amy Winehouse Injure Her Hand?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Pop tart Amy Winehouse has been spotted hitting the pubs with a bandage on her right wrist.

Some tabloids claim Winehouse broke her hand after punching a door following a phone conversation. But the Daily Mail reports that she tripped at home and broke her fall with her hand.

amy winehouse

It should be noted that the crazy chanteuse is currently living with Pete Doherty, the most notorious junkie in the history of pop music.

Keeping Winehouse`s living arrangements in mind, let`s speculate how the troubled singer broke her hand.

Could it be that Amy`s hand broke when she and Doherty were fighting over the last bottle of booze?

Perhaps Wino`s hand broke after she repeatedly slapped Doherty trying to awaken him from a drunken stupor.

My point is that when two drug-addled characters live together, there are a million and one ways in which one of them could end up with a broken hand.

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