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Published:October 15th, 2010 12:59 EST
Remembering Loren Teague

Remembering Loren Teague

By Ernest Dempsey

Nine years ago, I returned home to my hometown Hangu after graduating from the university. I has started writing again and finding internet that had freshly arrived in my hometown, my first interest was searching the web for literature and writers. I was enthusiastic about writing and breaking into the publishing world. Browsing for writers and publications, I stumbled upon Loren Teague`s website Pen and Ink Services. It felt so uplifting to see professional editing services that could be accessed online by making a few clicks. Before long, I had sent a piece of writing to this good-looking, artistic-looking lady for some feedback.


And I was so thrilled to receive her feedback, though brief it was, via regular mail. It was one of the very first instances of me approaching someone from the editing/publishing world and getting feedback. The simple but artistically attractive design of Loren`s website and the beauty of the letter`s page layout sent to me still freshen up my spirit. Loren`s encouraging response sparked my own interest in editing as well. `Look at this wonderful woman,` I thought, `she is doing some great service by improving other writers work from around the world.`    


Time flew by and just earlier this year, I suddenly happened to remember Loren while thinking of my early writing days. Searching for her name led me to her website which told the sad news of Loren`s encounter with cancer and her survival after treatment of the deadly disease. Thinking that the site was updated, I sent her an email, sympathizing over her health trouble and expressing my support. Loren never replied. She couldn`t because she was no more!


Again, last night I suddenly remembered Loren and Googled her name. And I learnt about Loren`s death, that happened in December 2009, from her friend Kate Strong`s blog Soul 2 Soul. I sat still for a moment, sad with the deep feeling of loss. Nine years after our first correspondence, that uplifted by writing spirit, Loren was no more with me on this same planet,though her inspiration continues to propel me forward to success as an editor.


It was soothing to learn that Loren did fulfill her dream of becoming a novelist. She completed and published more than one romance novel. Her works are still there, on her website, and of course Loren will stay with us and continue to inspire us toward fulfilling our dreams while living as creative, peaceful individuals. This write up is meant to honor Loren Teague and her spirit of writing!