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Published:October 17th, 2010 10:40 EST
paris hilton

Paris Hilton Showers LA Homeless Shelter With Halloween Treats

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It appears that she may finally be turning over a new leaf.

Former trouble seeking Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits stopped by a homeless family shelter in Los Angeles yesterday to drop off some Halloween supplies and spend time with the residents.

paris hilton

Hilton, 29, and Waits, a 34-year-old Las Vegas club owner, dropped by a pumpkin patch to pick up a car load of pumpkins and decorations before heading to the shelter in Downtown Los Angeles, on the infamous Skid Row." " target=_new>Read more

The Daily Mail is hardboiled UK tabloid; I`m surprised that they have fallen for such a cheap publicity stunt.

Paris has a long way to go before she convinces me that she`s turning over a new leaf.

If the pop tart had gone to the homeless shelter unannounced without a camera crew in tow, it might have been a sign that she`s changing her evil ways.

But I commend the pop diva for spending time with the volunteers and residents of the shelter.

Paris Hilton on skid row is as unlikely a sight as the Pop at a death metal concert. Hopefully some of the winos, who spotted the socialite at the homeless shelter, will figure that they are hallucinating and that it`s finally time to give up the booze.

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