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Published:October 22nd, 2010 10:32 EST
Military Commanding Officer's Hidden Dark Side: Secret Even to the Canadian Military

Military Commanding Officer's Hidden Dark Side: Secret Even to the Canadian Military

By Ron G Anselm


     Russell Williams a decorated Colonel in the Canadian military had one of the most disturbing secrets even his comrades in the military did not know about. He seemed to have a weird ladies underwear sexual fetish. Over the course of a two year span of terrorizing the communities of Ottawa and Tweed Ontario, Canada; Williams liked to do the nasty " and break into homes where young women lived some not even old enough to wear make-up yet and steal their bras, panties, sun dresses, and swim suits. He didn`t stop there; he would also collect the victims Identification cards and photographs of them that happened to be sitting around the room at the time.

     Man, what a sick dude! If he wants to do these types of things why doesn`t he just go and have a sex change operation then he wouldn`t have to steal women`s underwear he could just go to the local K-Mart`s blue light special and buy them for a cheap price or better yet, become a cross dresser and he wouldn`t have to take military leave to have the embarrassing sex change operation? I guess in a way he was a cross dresser.

     Williams did his burglaries in a systematic fashion; he would target the homes near his two residences and hit them either late at night or very early in the morning. I guess you can probably link this behavior to his military training because most of the time the military will strike and attack either late at night when the enemy is not ready or at a lower capacity in man power or very early in the morning when most of the enemy is sleeping and a very few are on guard duty guarding the perimeter of the strike area. I am not saying the Canadian military had anything to do with this just his training may have helped him in his behavior, just my opinion.

    Williams would target the victim`s home by entering the residence through a basement window, or through an open door or upper window of the home. He would do anything he could to be able to get into the victims residence.

     His underwear fetish also led to even more bizarre behavior, murder. Williams entered a guilty plea that consisted of two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of sexual assault and forcible confinement and 82-charges of mixed breaking and entering and attempting to break in and enter charges. His charges have a minimum and mandatory sentence starting at twenty-five years in prison. I am almost positive has this trial goes on and more charges are filed it will be a lot longer than twenty-five years in the slammer for this loser, a lot more time than he would spend in each of his victims rooms.

     Williams admitted to spending a bare minimum of two hours in the victim`s room. While in the room, he would take photographs of where the girl slept, where her closet was and what drawers her undies were kept. He would then click into his mode of doing the nasty " and take the victims bras, panties, nighties, negligees, etc. lay those items on the bed of the victim, take more photographs of those items on the bed and then here is the real " sick and disturbing part of this guys behavior, he would take other photos of himself naked (man, I just ate and threw up a little in my mouth thinking about this thought) and take other photos of him while wearing the ladies underwear and even take more photos (Now, I am ready to do a full dry heave thinking about this) he would do unbelievable other things I do not want to mention while wearing the girls panties and underwear. Sick!

     Williams would then steal the underwear and ladies clothing items as if they were his trophies and take them home for later use where he could continue to perform his sick and twisted behavior in the privacy of his home. The pattern that is describe in Williams behavior is known has Compulsive Organization " This make sense because of the way Williams would organize the underwear items on the bed in neat rows. William collected so many underwear items he admitted he ended up burning two bags full of them at one point.

     Williams performed his first break in at a neighbor`s home in 2007.  The neighbors had a twelve-year old daughter. Williams and his wife knew the neighbors daughter and would take the neighbors daughter tubing in the summer time and even hired her in the past to look after their cat, so like most crimes and victims today in some way the victim knew the criminal performing the crime against them.

     Williams decided to go into the neighbor`s daughter`s room and play professional photographer. He took photos of himself dressed in the neighbor`s daughters pink briefs while standing in front of her mirror in the room. To add more of a sick sense to Williams behavior during this isolated incident in the photos he took wearing the girls pink underwear were also highlighted with the atmosphere of pictures of puppies and cartoons. I won`t say what else was photographed during this isolated incident because if I did I would definitely be sick for days.

     During William`s court hearing, the prosecution established a pattern of escalation. When Williams started stealing ladies underwear in 2007 he would average only taking a few pieces then through 2009 and in one of his break-ins he averaged taking over 200 pieces of ladies underwear and clothing. Sort of like a career drug attic starts off smoking a little pot and ends up after a period of time shooting up on heroin. His crimes escalated to a more intense level.

     Williams was neat in his crimes, detailing every second of the start to finish of them and even having little names he made up for the victims. Police found all of this on two of his hard drives at his home. He kept what was described as a log of the crimes which also detailed when he had broken into the home, what he took from the victim, and the name of each of his victims. I guess he just couldn`t keep his nasty little hands off of ladies underwear.

     He even went as far as to wear pink underwear underneath his military uniform. Williams had also written a letter to one of his many victims pretending he was a teenage boy and stating he was sorry for the theft of her underwear. He also stated in the letter he was sorry that the police had not caught him as of yet. This guy is probably one of the sickest human beings I have ever read about! The court hearing is expected to continue unraveling more sick and twisted evidence and behavior by this guy.

I can say in my own experience and having served over ten years of honorable and highly decorated military service (in the United States military not Canadian military) and have served during the Grenada and Desert Storm Campaign, I have never seen or heard of anyone in the military behaving like this especially an officer and a high ranking officer at that. Maybe the military needs to do more monitoring of the service man`s personal life than they do now. Of course, this is the Canadian military not our country`s military.

     The trial continues and if you have the stomach for it, read more about the continuation of the trail and the disturbing details of one man`s quest to steal women`s underwear, wear that underwear, do lewd things while wearing that underwear and almost act like he is proud of what he did but yet wishes he was caught sooner than he was. This is one sick and twisted individual! Maybe we should hand him over to the Taliban instead of sending him to prison; although I don`t think even the Taliban would want to have anything to do with someone this mentally disturbed! Or, better yet; wait til Ol` Bubba hears about what he did when he joins him in prison, payback time for the victims!