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Published:October 23rd, 2010 21:01 EST
Cirque du Soleil Artist Will Roberts Singled Out in Viva Elvis review!

Cirque du Soleil Artist Will Roberts Singled Out in Viva Elvis review!

By SOP newswire2

Let me start out by saying that the Cirque du Soleil PR department is incredible. They are masterminds of marketing, both traditional and social media. They offered the possibility of free tickets to people attending Blogworld if you had a blog and were willing to write a post about your experience. I immediately raised my hand and started emphatically screaming Me! Me! Me! ". After a few minutes of that I went to the comments section and eloquently submitted myself for their consideration.

So Thursday night I went to see Cirque du Soleil Viva Elvis. It was an incredible show! I have seen Cirque once when I was a kid. It was when I was about 10 years old in Toronto. Cirque was still only in Canada and they had one troop that toured. My Aunt picked me up and said we are going to a circus. It has no animals, no clowns and is all people doing acrobatics. I am not sure what it is all about but I hear it is amazing. Skeptical but curious, I went to my first Cirque show. It was honestly transcendent. Every performance was better than the one before and together is formed this other worldly experience. It was like someone had given form to my imagination.

Coming from this experience, I was really excited and really curious to see what it would be like now, 20 years later and as an adult. I was not disappointed.

Viva Elvis is the musical theater of Cirque. The performers were incredible. They were dancing and singing and wearing these fun, retro Elvis inspired, clothing. Interspersed with the dancing was singing from four very talented singers who had their own renditions of classic Elvis songs. Many of them sang in a duet with recordings of Elvis, really taking you back to when Elvis was alive and performing "and for those of you who debate the topic of his being alive or not, then at least it helped take you back to when he was performing.

Two of my favorite parts of the show were the superhero`s and the cowboys. The Superhero`s were performers dressed as old time comic book Superhero`s. They started jumping off their platforms onto trampolines which catapulted them into the sky. The next few minutes were filled with Superhero`s flying past one another, flipping through the air and running up walls. It was like what every 7 year old tries to do in their own house with a towel tied to their neck, the family couch and a stair banister. In our minds we are these masked Superhero`s able to run up walls and flip through the air. Watching them I could feel the thrill of my own flying adventures.

color photo of the cirque du soleil western performance. The cowboy is spinning a lasso in front of him.The next was the Cowboy section. This was a taste of the old time western shows. Two cowboys in particular stole the show with a lasso routine. Ok, we all say that size doesn`t matter, but these boys got those lasso`s up to a diameter I didn`t realize was possible. The entire audience was captivated with the gigantic swirling hoops of rope. The cowboys danced the lasso`s around the stage, jumping in and out of them to the point where sometimes you could not tell if the lasso were leading them or if they were leading the lasso. The coup de gras of their show was when they set them on fire. Not only were they spinning but they were flaming. It was a nod to the old time cowboy shows with a exciting and modern flair. Will Roberts, one of the cowboys, had a standout performance. He was skilled with the lasso and was engaging with the audience. Just watching him made you feel like you were watching one of the cowboys in a 1950`s western.

Will Roberts got in touch with me via twitter after the show. Yes, another nod to the amazingly socially in touch Cirque, even their performers are excellent at social media! I immediately knew which performer he was, and yes he had a really big lasso! His reaching out brought my experience to the next level. It made me feel that the show was more than just me watching, it was now completely experiential. It now feels as though Cirque is an accessible entity on a personal and professional level.

When you go to Vegas, make a point of seeing Viva Elvis. It is a very different Cirque experience and one not to be missed!

Have you see a Cirque performance? What was your experience?

By laurencubed