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Published:October 25th, 2010 12:40 EST

Small Plane Crashes After Crocodile Causes Panic

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A small airplane crashed in Africa, killing all but one of the passengers after a crocodile smuggled on board escaped and apparently caused a panic.

The propeller plane was approaching its destination when, according to the sole survivor`s account, a crocodile hidden in somebody`s carry-on bag escaped and caused a panic. Passengers stampeded to one side of the tiny plane, causing it to be thrown off-balance." " target=_new>Read More

In civilized countries smugglers attempt to smuggle cocaine, marijuana, and precious stones onboard airplanes, only in a godforsaken country like the Democratic Republic of Congo would a passenger smuggle a crocodile on board a plane.

This isn`t an aberration, an airline passenger is taking a big risk when travels in Africa. According to the International Air Transport Association the number of major accidents per million takeoffs in Africa amounted to 4.31, compared with a worldwide average of 0.65.

This incident may not be an indictment of all of Africa, but it sure as hell doesn`t inspire me to visit the poverty-stricken continent.

*How bad is security that an idiot could smuggle a crocodile onboard a plane?

*How idiotic can a person be to bring a dangerous predator onboard a plane?

*How stupid were the passengers to stampede to one side of a tiny plane?

*How cowardly were the passengers to freak out over the sight of a small crocodile? Remember the animal was small enough to fit into a carry-on bag.

*How ill-trained were the flight crew, in that they failed to tell the morons not to run to one side of the plane?

*How incompetent was the pilot? Couldn`t he have found a way to land the plane safely?

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