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Published:October 26th, 2010 09:08 EST
eddie long

Disgraced Bishop Eddie Long Should Be Ordered To Be Tested For AIDS!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Rev. Reuben Armstrong, a talk show host and author of a book exposing corruption in mega hurches has sent a letter to the judge who will be hearing the sexual abuse cases brought against Bishop Eddie Long. The certified letter is demanding that the disgraced minister be ordered to take an HIV/AIDS test.

eddie long

I don`t agree with many of Armstrong`s views, including his anti-gay stance, but I concur that Eddie Long should be forced to be tested for AIDS.

Four men from Long`s congregation have accused him of coercing them into sex when they were teenagers. Heaven only knows how many other victims have yet to come forward.

Long`s victims have suffered grievously, and it will take years of psychological therapy before they can regain a semblance of normalcy. It will help the victims` healing process if they know whether or not Long exposed them to AIDS or any other STD.

On a lighter note the EPA should declare Eddie Long`s Jheri Curl wig an environmental disaster area, and force him to go bald. Eddie Long puts that wig through hell, with all that hooting, hollering and histrionics that passes for preaching in his church. That thing is a sweaty mess teeming with bacteria; I wouldn`t get within a 100 yards of that toupee.

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