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Published:October 31st, 2010 13:01 EST
dogs dancing

Nightclub For Dogs Opens In Manhattan: Doggone Good Idea!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New Yorkers can now drop their dogs off at Manhattan`s first dog disco when they spend a night on the town, the firm`s co-founder said.

The Fetch Club, in New York`s Financial District, features a disco ball, stain-resistant carpeting and a sheepskin rug where dogs can get a massage when they`re all danced out, the New York Post reported.

dogs dancing

The pampered pups can also curl up on luxurious day beds scattered around the floor, and if they`re dog-tired they can head over to the sheepskin for their mutt massage."


This is a brilliant idea, our faithful pooches deserve a disco club of their own. This club provides canines an opportunity to socialize with each other. Our dogs may love us, but they also need an opportunity to run wild with their own kind.

A nightclub would make a fortune imitating the amenities offered by the Fetch Club. I would love to have a mini-skirt clad masseuse give me a massage after I`m all tuckered out from dancing.

Every club should have beds scattered around the floor so patrons could sleep or do the nasty.

The pampered pups at the Fetch Club can dine on sushi and other treats. I would patronize a nightclub that offered free finger food to its patrons.

The Fetch Club, what a wonderful idea for dogs and humans!

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