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Published:November 2nd, 2010 15:49 EST
virgin mary

Canadian City Orders Woman To Remove Virgin Mary Statue

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Canadian city is ordering a woman to remove a Virgin Mary statue -- purported to weep at night -- because it is drawing too many visitors.

Officials in Windsor, Ontario, said there have been numerous complaints from neighbors about large groups of people coming to their area and parking on their street to get a glimpse of the 5-foot statue, which owner Fadia Ibrahim said smiles during the day and weeps healing oil at night, the Windsor Star reported Tuesday."

virgin mary


Talk about wearing your religion on your sleeve, this monstrosity is 5-foot tall.

If my next-door neighbor erected a statue of the Virgin Mary in his front yard, I wouldn`t wait for an act of God or for a decree from City Hall, ordering him to get rid of it. I would take matters into my own hands, and destroy the damn thing.

I have no problem with people of faith prostrating themselves in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, as long as they are in church. But Christians shouldn`t put up huge religious statues on their property, knowing full well that it will draw the curious, the religious nuts.

Ibrahim said she is considering moving the statue to a church. Amen, that`s exactly where it belongs!

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