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Published:November 2nd, 2010 18:15 EST
morgan freeman

GOP Dirty Tricks: Morgan Freeman Impersonator Ad

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The narrator`s familiar voice immediately raised eyebrows when the ad launched on Friday. Lawson`s campaign initially confirmed that the voice was Freeman`s on Facebook and on its website on Monday. But the Oscar-winning actor issued a statement soon after denying any involvement with the campaign." Read More

morgan freemanShame on B.J. Lawson, Republican congressional candidate from North Carolina for attempting to fool the electorate into thinking that actor Morgan Freeman was narrating his commercial.

Morgan Freeman is blessed with a voice that resonates with authority, conviction and gravitas, it`s no wonder that he was chosen to play God in the film "Bruce Almighty."

When that familiar authoritative voice speaks: People listen. But pay no heed to the aforementioned Lawson ad, that`s an imposter narrating the political ad. The real Morgan Freeman does not support the candidacy of Lawson.

Don`t be fooled by Republican dirty tricks, go to the polls today and defeat the party of deceit and corruption.