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Published:November 2nd, 2010 10:52 EST
Panthers Party Begs Obama to Join Disarmament Movement

Panthers Party Begs Obama to Join Disarmament Movement

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Member, National Integration Council dashed a letter to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, the President of USA to join the elite of those who have been opposing the nuclear arms so that the world lives in peace and harmony. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded Mr. Obama about the blunders committed by USA in the Middle-East and Asia disturbing peace in the region.       

Prof. Bhim Singh in his letter also reminded Obama how 13 States in the South which form part of USA were forcibly merged with the USA some 200 years back. He said J&K has been integral part of India from the times immemorial dating back to pre-Christ era. He said that J&K is happy to be part of the greatest democracy of the world where humanity works and rule of law prevails. A copy of the letter reproduced below:-       

"Next week Your Excellency shall be visiting India which has been an Ocean of Love and Peace for centuries. Even Prophet Mohammad used to feel the cool breeze from the East. Of course, all the Prophets were born in Asia and India has been a soul of the continent. Many historians believe that Christ was buried in Jammu and Kashmir. There is an ancient memorial there.

1.      I understand that you have great liking for Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy of non-violence. Mahatma Buddh was born 500 years before Christ. He was an absolute Monarch with absolute powers. He gave up his throne when he realized that sufferings of the people cannot be removed by ordinances and dictates of law. To understand them he gave up his power and went to the people carrying his great philosophy of `live` and `let live`. `Sacrifice` was the greatest message he left for the universe and for the rulers that be. This was the philosophy which Mahatma Gandhi managed to translate into action. Martin Luther King, we judge in the same way.

2.      The threat to the global peace comes from the nuclear bombs and weapons, heaps of which are lying in the stores of big powers, that include USA. The big powers have been manufacturing destructible weapons and ammunition for the destruction of the humanity. This is a commercial activity of the big powers. Disarmament should be first agenda of the US President particularly when Mr. Obama is holding the Presidency. Your election to this Office was the first revolution and I hope it may not be the last. After Nehru, Martin Luther King and other leaders the voice for disarmament disappeared. The world is looking forward to you to take up the cause for complete disarmament so that the world lives longer and lives in peace and security.

3.      The USA has blundered vis-à-vis Palestine, Iraq and again in Afghanistan. USA`s support to Israel who had defied the UN Resolution has threatened the world peace and security. Your warning to Israel to stop resettlements in Jerusalem and other areas of Palestine has not yielded any result so far. It was surprising that Israel has planned to build a Jewish religious place inside Al-Aqsa. That shall amount to declaring a war against the holy places of the Muslims of the world. In Iraq too, the USA has met an utter failure. It was a blunder to attack the Pak in violation UN Charter by attacking a sovereign power, arresting its President and other members of the government and finally hanging the President and his cabinet colleagues. The history shall never forgive the USA for that.

4.      You are coming to India and more than one billion people of India hope that you are coming with a message of peace, friendship and equality.

5.      I myself hail from the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir where I was elected as a Legislator thrice. My party, Panthers Party, has been functioning as the only secular, nationalist and opposition party in J&K. Peace in J&K was charged with a terror by an aggression from Pakistan side in 1947. Pakistan has been using fundamentalists and terrorists to disturb of our peace. Handful of extremists, which you would find even in USA, have been indulging into criminal activities to sabotage peace. India has more than 1500 million population of Muslim fraternity whereas in Kashmir we have less than five millions. It is not a Muslim problem. It is a local problem provoked by a neighbouring country to divert the political unrest on their land only. The Govt. of India with all its magnanimity has allowed J&K State to have their own Constitution, Flag and the Parliament of India does not interfere with the legislation vis-à-vis J&K. Terrorism is a big shop to earn without any investment. You must have noticed this fact in Afghanistan and other places. You should take measures to stop any anti-India propaganda that is being exercised in the USA by some busybodies and the merchants of death.

6.      So far as J&K`s status is concerned, let me remind you that Kashmir was integral part of Bharata, called `India`, 100 years before Christ when it was governed by King Kanishka from Patna (Bihar) to Kandhar (Afghanistan). Kindly ask your advisors to show you the history of Kashmir as integral part of India. I know the leaders in USA do not care much for the history for many reasons. But let me remind you also about the geography of the United States of America. How many years back Southern States were annexed which include New Mexico, Texas etc. to the present USA and under what circumstances? They were merged by force only some couple of centuries back whereas J&K was born as India before Christ.

7.      People of J&K are not against India, they are against the working of the government in the State which was elected by them. Anyhow, this is the prerogative of the people to change the government and rulers whenever they decide democratically.

8.      India is not only a largest but a greatest democracy in the world and the people of this country including that of J&K take it as a matter of grace and honour that we are Indians.

9.      Mr. President I had a privilege to drive in the USA right from Sant Antonio to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago in 1972 during my Peace Mission, Around the World on Motorcycle (1967-1972). My book is a witness to this fact that people are people everywhere whether in the East or in the West.       

On the completion of my travel on motorcycle around the world I came to the conclusion.

The world is my country,

                       And India is my home,
                       Humanity is my religion,
                       Equality and fraternity is my faith,
                       Justice and Equity is my goal,
                       And rebellion is my way,
                       Truth is my strength
                       Peace is my lasting passion
                       This is the road of my destiny
                       I am identified with.

               Bhim Singh