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Published:November 7th, 2010 13:08 EST
pope bendict

Pope Met By Gay Protesters In Spain

By Robert Paul Reyes


"About 200 people protested against Pope Benedict XVI`s visit to Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday by jeering and staging a gay "kiss-in."

The protest by gays and lesbians took place as Benedict was being driven in his bullet-proof popemobile to celebrate mass at the city`s iconic basilica, La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family).

pope bendict

The Pope did not react to the gay-kiss demonstration near the church, and the protesters were outnumbered by thousands of flag-waving supporters of the pontiff.
During the mass, Benedict attacked Spain`s laws legalizing abortion and gay marriage."" target=_new> Read more

During his recent visit to post-Christian England, the Pope was met by thousands of protesters. It warmed my heart to see the citizens of a secular democratic state rise up in protest against the leader of a misogynist and repressive religious and financial empire.

But I am really surprised and thrilled that thousands of Spaniards, not just gay activists, protested the pontiff`s visit. If a predominantly Roman Catholic country isn`t ecstatic about the visit of the Pope, maybe there`s hope that in a few generations organized religion will lose its grip on humankind.

During the mass at La Sagrada Family basilica, the homophobic leader of the Roman Catholic Church ranted against homosexuality.

For millennia the Catholic Church has persecuted gays and lesbians, and the gentle and loving gays responding not by threatening the Pope, but by staging a kiss-in.

I`m persuaded that if Jesus Christ returned to Spain, he would make common cause with the gay activists, and condemn the intolerance of the Pope.

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