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Published:November 7th, 2010 08:29 EST

Three-Legged Beagle Saves Owner From House Fire

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A grateful pet owner says his three-legged beagle`s out-of-character behavior alerted him to a fire in his Grayslake, Ill., home earlier this week.

By the time Whalen reached the front of the house, flames were shooting in through a window -- and Mr. B `freaked out and ran back upstairs,` Whalen said.


As he called emergency services, Whalen followed Mr. B upstairs, telling the 911 operator he had to rescue his rescuer hiding in the closet." UPI

Mr. B was heroic for alerting his owner to a fire in his home, but he wasn`t too bright when he freaked out and ran back upstairs into the blazing house. It could be that Mr. B is missing a leg and part of his brain.

I jest, the faithful beagle is a genuine hero, and I`m sure that his owner is showering him with love and treats.

Dogs make perfect companions; they are always there when we need some loving, and who knows one day your pooch may save your life.

Three cheers for Mr. B!

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