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Published:November 9th, 2010 11:19 EST
UN Thinks Americans Have Problems with Immigration

UN Thinks Americans Have Problems with Immigration

By SOP newswire2


I am 49 years old and have now lived though 5 wars that the USA has involved our Troops in. Not one war is to defend our country, they are being order to go to other countries and kill. Now the Islamic Invasion by our federal government.

While Congress what to keep moving those people to this country, while they remain loyal to their country.

I see refugee`s flying the flag of the former country, while we support them.
Our birth rate has dropped, typical during the time of war.
Our manufacturing jobs keep leaving the country, while those blue collar workers become gang members.

I find this an insane move by Congress to keep us in wars, sending people to college for unemployment, and building our gangs in this country.

I watched our microchip industry leave the country almost over night and Middle Class Americans become poor in a short amount of time, while a their 401k is swallowed up.
Now Obama wants to fix our 401k system, while he cannot manage the Social Security System at all, except to overspend.

Our Country has been invaded by illegal immigration and Obama refuses to make them file for citizenship, but he allows them to use our public programs free.

Now the UN thinks Americans have problems with immigration that need to be addressed.

Perhaps the UN should look at all of the lies he used to win an election. He claimed during his campaign to end the war the day he stepped into office. After elected, he leads us into a second war, two wars. Obama has a history of lying that dates back to 2005 as far as working in Government.