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Published:November 15th, 2010 10:03 EST
plastic snail

Giant Pink Plastic Snails Take Over Miami

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Gigantic pink plastic snails -- some up to 8 feet tall -- will begin appearing in public places in Miami with an environmental message, their creators say.

The massive works of art by an Italian art collective and a Rome-based gallery are intended to spread environmental consciousness this winter, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

plastic snail

The whimsical pink snails, made of recycled plastic, are meant to carry a serious message about the way we live and treat the environment. UPI

This is art for the new millennium: It`s disposable, over-the-top, and eye-catching. Why should an artist labor for months painting a masterpiece, when a giant pink plastic snail can be manufactured in a couple of hours at the most?

The Mona Lisa doesn`t say jack to me with her inscrutable look, but the pink plastic snails speak volumes. A humongous pink snail shouts: Look at me! I`m famous and you`re not! You`re nondescript, but I stand out! Reporters write articles about my magnificence, and nobody knows you are alive.

Gloria Porcella, co-owner of Galleria Ca`D`Oro, which is backing the gigantic snail project has a more boring explanation for the significance of the unique work of art:

"The concept is the snail wants us to think about ourselves and they want to teach us something. We run, run, run but what are we reaching? What are our goals? We are destroying our planet."

The pink snails don`t give a rat`s ass about teaching us a lesson about slowing down and smelling the roses, and they don`t give a fig about the environment.

The pink snails want to draw attention to themselves! It`s all about them, and I am jealous at all the attention they are getting.

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