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Published:November 22nd, 2010 09:51 EST
Will President Obama Cave to Big Oil?

Will President Obama Cave to Big Oil?

By SOP newswire2


Big Oil wants in " specifically, into the pristine waters of the Chukchi Sea.

Unfortunately, there is still no effective, proven technology to clean up oil spills in broken sea ice conditions in Arctic waters, such as those found in the Chukchi Sea... a problem that could doom endangered bowhead whales, threatened polar bears and other wildlife if drilling proceeds.

Speak out for polar bears and other Chukchi wildlife. Take action now.

Oil can coat polar bear fur, causing even these Arctic sea-ice dwellers to freeze to death. It can poison whales and other wildlife. And even without a spill, increased noise and pollution associated with normal drilling activities can disrupt the feeding habits of walruses, seals and other animals that depend on the Chukchi to hunt and survive.

The courts and scientists have all said that more information is needed about the Arctic environment before we even consider drilling in its ice covered seas that are cloaked in darkness much of the year.

Yet, the Obama Administration now seems poised to green-light drilling in the Chukchi without the most basic of information about its effects.

Urge President Obama`s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to delay drilling in the Chukchi until sound science can guarantee safety for wildlife.

One federal court has already told the Obama Administration that more information and analysis is required.

Last summer " in a case brought by Defenders and our partners " a federal judge ruled that environmental analysis for drilling in the Chukchi was insufficient because the federal government failed to address significant gaps in information about the Arctic environment.

Arctic habitat like the Chukchi is more important than ever for the survival of America`s polar bears, whales, walrus and other wildlife. Please take action now.

Comments on the Obama Administration`s latest environmental analysis of drilling permits in the Chukchi are due by Monday, November 29th
, so please submit your comment today.

We can protect the Chukchi`s amazing wildlife and the people that live there, but we can`t do it without you. I hope you`ll take a moment right now to help.

With Gratitude,




Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife