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Published:November 23rd, 2010 16:19 EST

Creepy Employees At Animal Care Center Take Pics Of Cats Holding Knives And Cigs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pictures of animals holding knives and cigarettes have prompted an investigation of employees at Mecklenburg County Animal Care and Control.


In an e-mail to city leaders, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe said his department had been investigating the `inappropriate` pictures since August.

Monroe said a review board was formed last week to determine what will happen to the employees.

`The disciplinary action will range from termination to suspension without pay for employees involved in the inappropriate acts,` Monroe wrote in his e-mail.

You would expect employees of an animal care and control facility to treat the creatures under their care with respect. It`s beyond the pale for a person who is entrusted with taking care of animals to abuse them.

It`s the epitome of cruelty and cowardice to abuse small animals like cats and ferrets. These cowards would probably wet their pants if they encountered an enraged animal lover.

It`s unbelievable that the Police Chief has been investigating this matter since August, the creeps who abused the animals should have been immediately fired.

The photos of the abused animals have been posted on the Internet, the photos of the idiots who committed these crimes should also be posted on the web, they should be publicly shamed.

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