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Published:December 3rd, 2010 13:32 EST
Some Novelty Theories On Ronni Chasen`s Murder

Some Novelty Theories On Ronni Chasen`s Murder

By John G. Kays

What connects Harold Smith to Ronni Chasen`s murder? Why did Harold kill himself before Beverly Hills detectives could question him? The dingy Harvey Apartments on Santa Monica Boulevard bespeak an unsavory ambience that is at odds with this high-profile whodunit? The two don`t gel but there`s so much we don`t know.

Harvey Apartments

The incongruity may be due to our fallacious belief that professional hitmen have class, make a lot of dough from their "jobs` and run in the fast lane-pretty women, sports cars, rendezvousing with powerful brokers in luxury high risers. This myth of the underworld is a by-product of the movies, romantic and not grounded in "reality.`

But where do we go from here? The truth is, real jobs position the contractors in such a way that one doesn`t know what the other is up to. In this way, the cops can never trace their way back to the original source. The bottom of the totem pole would have to be this shady Harold Smith character, and his fly-by-night domicile, the Harvey Apartments.

The problem is, for Ronni`s nemesis, her contractors, this Harold cat was starting to run his mouth a little too much. Saying he would come into some big dough after a job, and possibly even letting out that he killed Ms. Chasen. My theory is that once he saw that he would be questioned, he knew his partners in crime would take him out for his sloppy work.

Thus, he had to kill himself. He had no choice. I can`t help but remember in GoodFellas when Stacks had to be eliminated by Tommy because he left fingerprints in the van used in the Lufthansa heist. In my way of thinking, Harold didn`t so much fear returning to prison any time soon, as he did being eliminated by his cunning confederates, who held all the tricky cards of his dubious future.

You can devise your own theories, you have the right to do so. Sure would like to know what tip America`s Most Wanted gave to the Beverly Hills detectives. This tip is coveted, so must be crucial to the investigation. I sense they are getting warm, but may be at a deadend when Harold pulled out his pistol. Unsavory as it sounds, his suicide was videotaped. Will probably leak out and hit YouTube in no time flat.

By now you`ve most likely deduced I`m a mere amateur sleuth with a thimble full of enthusiasm for undercover work. Is this a mortal sin to want to discover who killed Ronni Chasen and why they did it? This is just what millions of other Americans are doing with their spare time, and why not? This case has professional hit written all over it. Review everything you know about how Ronni was shot; review the highlights of her sterling career, while your at it.

Just as a tip for you, as you plod your way through an investigation, I recommend you reading any and all of the articles written for The Hollywood Reporter. They seem to have their palms on the percolating pulse that beckons from that neck of the woods, Tinseltown, California. And just since I fell asleep with a Hollywood Reporter piece in my hands, The Los Angeles Times has posted 3 new ones on the Ronni Chase case. Lots of detail coming from witnesses living at the already infamous Harvey Apartments.

You know as much as me, but when I get home from work tonight, I`m going to burn the midnight oil, read the articles over again, and watch many of the video news stories that have been filed by virtually all of the majors. Lots to choose from. Without revealing all of my vital trade secrets, at least two bits from the New York Post are worth your while. One, As far back as March Ronni suspected she was being followed, like right after the 2010 Oscars. Two, the hit squad was casing that area (Whittier at Sunset) on motorcycles before the November 16th shooting.

I see these two bits as significant pointers towards a conspiracy to kill Ronni Chasen. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went to a screening of Burlesque to see if I could detect anything out of the ordinary. The thought was unveiled to me that one of the plotters could be projected on the screen or perhaps in the rolling credits. But this would be too easy! Ronni was worth more than 5 million, so follow the money. But the Harvey Apartments were only a residence for struggling actors? Colder "