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Published:December 5th, 2010 13:19 EST

Grisswald Wannabe Has Too Much Xmas Spirit For His Neighbors

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mike Babick`s display of Christmas spirit has grown too popular for some neighbors, who complain his expanding array of lights and holiday figures draw some unwelcome gawkers.


Babick`s passion for the holiday has driven him to adorn his modest one-story home in this Kansas City suburb with more than a thousand figures housed in display cases that go up to his rooftop.

Babick, 69, said his display requires a month to set up and draws some 250,000 visitors each year based on a vehicle-counter he installed on his street."


I was once fined by the city because the grass on my front lawn was too high, as you may guess I can`t stand anal-retentive neighbors who cut their grass twice a week. I`m a good guy who puts up with the eccentricities of my neighbors, but I would have a fit if this Babick character lived next door to me.

I have the Xmas spirit, and I may even put a Christmas wreath on my front door, but this dude is taking things a bit too far. It should come as no surprise that some of his neighbors are up in arms.

Cars, limos, and even freakin` tour buses drive by to check out his freaky house. Some of the gawkers even relieves themselves in front lawns.

This Grisswald wannabe should be tarred and feathered and run on a rail out of town!

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