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Published:December 7th, 2010 19:04 EST
pooch from hell

Tiny Pooch Attacks Passengers, Forces Plane To Make Emergency Landing

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities said they won`t cite the owner of a dog that bit two people aboard a U.S. Airways flight and forced an emergency landing.

pooch from hell

Authorities said the 89-year-old New Jersey woman was traveling with her dog, Mandy, on Flight 522 from Newark, N.J., to Phoenix on Monday when the dog became agitated.

A passenger tried to calm the dog when it bit the passenger and broke out of its cage.
Authorities said the 12-pound dog then ran and bit a flight attendant."

I have two big dogs, Mandy a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix, and Midnite a Chow/Lab mix, and they wouldn`t hurt a fly. I`ts always the tiny pooches who wreak havoc, the tiny terrorists should be banned from commercial flights.

I`d rather sit next to an underwear bomber on a plane, than a little blue-haired old lady with her 12-pound guard dog. The terrorist will probably do damage only to his nether regions, but the little dog will terrorize all of the passengers.

The old woman should be traveling with a coffin, and not a cute but cranky canine.

The police have decided not to press charges against the the old bird, but I hope that the passengers who were bitten by her dog sue the heck out of her.

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