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Published:December 10th, 2010 13:31 EST

Sudanese Court Convicts 7 Men Of Indecency For Wearing Makeup

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Sudanese court convicted seven men of indecency on Wednesday after police accused them of wearing makeup during a fashion show in Khartoum, their lawyer said.


The men, amateur models at the `Sudanese Next Top Model Fashion Show` in June, were arrested by the public order police, a body known for its crackdowns on perceived indecent dress and drinking in the Muslim north one defendant told Reuters.

All seven were found guilty on Wednesday and each fined 200 Sudanese pounds ($80), as was a woman who faced the same charge for applying the makeup, said lawyer Nabil Adib."


Muslim countries may rail against the decadent West, but it`s interesting to note that they are enamored with American pop culture. Who would have thunk that a program named "Sudanese Next Top Model Fashion Show" would be broadcast in Sudan?

I strongly urge Sudanese producers not to create a Jerry Springer type show, the cast and anybody else associated with the program would probably receive 500 lashes and five years behind bars.

I guess Sudan must be a utopia where there is no serious crime if the police are preoccupied with arrested male models for wearing makeup. Of course the opposite is the truth, the Muslim nation is a hell hole of ethnic and religious violence.

The defendants got off easy, they were facing a maximum punishment of 40 lashes and imprisonment.

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