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Published:December 12th, 2010 11:25 EST

Manchester United Coach Sir Alex Ferguson Bans Snoods! Snoods Are Unmanly!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lightweight scarves known as snoods may be sweeping the playing fields of the English Premier League, but Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson has banned his players from wearing them.


Former United striker Carlos Tevez has sported a snood while playing for Manchester City in recent weeks, with Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri another convert.

However, despite temperatures plunging in snow-hit Great Britain,Ferguson has reportedly told his players that the snoods are unmanly -- and forbidden them for wearing them in either games or training."


A snood looks like a designer neck brace, and only the likes of Naomi Campbell should wear one when she gets a stiff neck after hurling a cell phone at a maid.

Snoods are for models sashaying down the catwalk, and for metrosexuals meeting for brunch at the" Quiches, Croissants and Sprinkles" restaurant. They are not for rugged athletes who serve as role models for our young boys.

I commend Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson for putting his foot down, and banning the devil`s garment. 

Europe may be experiencing an extremely cold winter, but a real man won`t don a snood even if the temperature drops to 40 degrees below freezing.

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