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Published:December 13th, 2010 14:51 EST
Vanishing Son: A Cross Between Kung Fu and The Fugitive

Vanishing Son: A Cross Between Kung Fu and The Fugitive

By Garrett Godwin

Part of the syndicated Universal Action Pack, Vanishing Son debuted in the winter of 1994 as a series of made-for-TV movies with Russell Wong and Chi Muoi Lo as brothers Jian-Wa and Wago Chang, marital arts brothers who escaped from oppression in China to America for a chance at a new life, but each wanted different things.  Wago decided to become a gangster, while Jian-Wa decided to pursued music and freedom.  However, Wago was killed and Jian-Wa went on the run when he`s framed for the murders of two federal agents by his nemesis, and that set the stage for Vanishing Son to become a weekly series in January 1995.

A cross between Kung Fu and The Fugitive, Vanishing Son follows Jian-Wa traveling from place to place seeking the General and finding evidence to clear his name.  Along the way, he is guided by the spirit of his brother, as Jian-Wa uses his skills and wisdom to help others change their lives for the better while staying one step ahead of his pursuers.

The show was created by Rob Cohen, who help drove Vin Diesel into super-stardom as a summer action hero with The Fast & The Furious in 2001 and xXx the following year; there have been talks of the duo reuniting for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage that could be set to be release between late next year and early 2012.

Wong was the first Asian actor to be the lead protagonist of a television series, but Vanishing Son only lasted 13 episodes.  Not since Bruce Lee as Kato on The Green Hornet and before Maggie Q as CW`s Nikita has there ever been an Asian or Chinese hero on the small screen in a long time; why Vanishing Son was canceled remains a mystery.

However, you can re-live all 13 episodes every Saturday morning on Encore Action, so check your local listings.