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Published:December 16th, 2010 09:52 EST
Try Covering It With an Otterbox

Try Covering It With an Otterbox

By Joel G. Block (Mentor/Columnist)

Every year, in anticipation of the Consumer Electronics Show, which this year will be held January 6-9, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we review products that we believe will help and advance the cause of entrepreneurs locally and around the globe. Exhibiting companies send us their products to review, and we evaluate those products for their utility, their cost, their ability to add efficiency, and for the ability of entrepreneurs to make more (or save more) money because they are using these products. And sometimes we look at products just because they add a little bit of fun to the entrepreneur`s day.

The first product in our series comes from a company that we have become good friends with. Otterbox makes some of the finest phone cases (and more recently iPad cases) available in the marketplace today. This company, which has long been in the business of providing cases of different kinds, has focused all of its attention on providing cases for telephones and certain technology products that are second to none. They use a patented multi-layer system. So when you cover your phone with an Otterbox case, there`s not just one layer that clips on the phone. There is also a foam layer that is then surrounded by a hard layer.

The advantage of the two layer system is obvious, the second you put it on. A lot of times the phones that have soft covers don`t slide on the table or on the surfaces that you put them on, and that can be very frustrating. Because the Otterbox product is soft foam covered by a hard surface, the product gets both the benefit of: the cushion that comes with the foam, as well as the rigidity that makes the phone slide on a surface. It also makes the covered product resistant to nicks, bumps, scratches, and other kinds of damage.

We`ve tried the Otterbox on numerous phones, and everybody in my office is thrilled with these products. The Otterbox comes in three thicknesses for each product that it is designed to cover. The most rugged are the Defender models, which are designed for the beefiest users, who use their electronics product for example: in a construction environment and places where real damage to your electronics can take place. We find those to be a little over the top for our needs because the cases are rather thick and heavy.

Our favorite products for business consumers, where portability is key: are known as the Commuter models. For business consumers who are traveling on airplanes, the road warriors and people that are using them under ordinary business circumstances, the Commuter series is one of the best ways to protect your technology investment. We know this to be true because we`ve tested many different models, and we have received feedback from lots of different consumers who use these products as well.

For more information, check out We`ll be reviewing another product in the next few days. We hope you check back and we look forward to sharing this information with you. And, please let us know what you think.

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Often dubbed a "Growth Architect" by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, advisor and astute investor.

Joel is President/CEO of Bullseye Capital (, a full-service real estate company that supports owners and buyers of real estate assets with brokerage, leasing, property management, and mortgage services. The company also provides investment opportunities to accredited investors.  A leader in real estate syndication, the company invests in properties and offers seminars to assist others in acquiring the skills needed to raise syndicate capital to acquire properties. Imagine knowing how to pool funds to purchase any real estate investment, whether it is for single family, multi-family, commercial, or another kind of investment property. For full information, go to