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Published:December 28th, 2010 13:00 EST

Did A Kentucky Man Kill The Legendary Chupacabra?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The legendary chupacabra has been spied, shot and killed -- will bigfoot be next?

A man in Kentucky found a strange, hairless creature prowling his front lawn December 18, a critter he believes to be the mythical chupacabra, a beast from Hispanic folklore supposedly known for attacking goats and other livestock (chupacabra means `goat sucker` in Spanish).


Mark Cothren described the creature, which strolled onto his lawn in Lebanon Junction, KY, as having large ears, whiskers, a long tail, and about the size of a house cat, reported Wave3."

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If I saw a strange animal lurking in my backyard that might possibly be the legendary chupacabra I would reach for my cellphone and tape a video I could post on YouTube. Then I would call animal control so they could capture the creature.

Cothren has an entirely different approach when he sees a strange creature:

"Well, it`s something strange, so I got my rifle to shoot it, get a closer look. And I`m glad I did, `cause I don`t know what it is," he said.

When he sees an animal he doesn`t recognize he blasts it to kingdom come, and then lets God sort out whether it`s a chupacabra or a diseased coyote.

I hope extraterrestrials never land on Cothren`s property, he might start an intergalactic war.

Cothren has sent a DNA sample of the animal to state officials for identification. Don`t hold your breath, it will probably turn out to be a a dog with mange.

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