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Published:January 2nd, 2011 10:41 EST

Thousands Of Blackbirds Drop From The Sky In Arkansas! Wrath Of God?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Residents of Beebe in Arkansas have been left baffled after more than 2,000 blackbirds fell to their deaths in a section of the city.


The birds fell in frightening quantities off Windwood Drive, leaving experts in the area scratching their heads over the cause of the phenomenon.

Some residents initially thought that the birds might have been poisoned - as many think the large influx of the birds around this time of year are a nuisance.

One resident said: `Millions, millions fly over every night. You look up at the sky and it`s just black."

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There are gazillions of birds and I often wonder why the streets aren`t littered with their carcasses.

Residents of a small town in Arkansas are scratching their heads wondering just the opposite: Why have thousands of blackbirds fallen to their death over their fair city?

In movies and books blackbirds are often used as a portent of bad times to come, it`s troubling that this evil omen occurred just a few minutes before the start of the New Year. The economy is in shambles, we`re mired in two interminable wars, and the unemployment picture is bleak, but are their worse calamities on the horizon?

Experts have ruled out poisoning, and they have speculated that the birds may have been hit by high-altitude hail, but they are basically clueless. Some may turn to religion for answers, but I don`t need theological experts or scientists to tell me what my gut already knows: Things are really jacked up, and they will only get worse.

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