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Published:January 14th, 2011 14:34 EST

Pregnant Lady Drinking Water Kicked Out Of Bar! God Bless The Bouncer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When Michelle Lee, 29, walked into her hometown bar in Roselle, Illinois, late last Thursday night she was feeling frumpy, tired and really, really big. Eight months pregnant with her first child, she`d flown into town that day from Denver to attend her baby shower and her friends had talked her into a night out. But her effort at late-night fun lasted a whopping 15 minutes. No sooner than Lee had arrived, a bouncer at the the Coach House Restaurant told her she had to leave; no pregnant women allowed.


A lady who is eight months pregnant is a walking liability, and I don`t blame the bouncer for kicking her to the curb. A pregnant lady isn`t the most limber person in the restaurant. If she slips on water or beer on the floor, before you lift her to her feet, she will have filed a lawsuit.

A pregnant woman simply has no business being in a bar. Lee claims she was only drinking water, but the temptation would have been too great to down a couple of shots of whiskey.

Lee is the epitome of self-centeredness, she wasn`t thinking about the safety of her unborn baby. Only rowdy bars need the service of a bouncer -- the pregnant idiot could have been shoved or pushed by a drunk patron.

Lee claims she was totally humiliated by the incident and agreed to go home without argument, but of course now she`s considering a lawsuit. I hope she was humiliated, but I get the vibe that her kind doesn`t know the meaning of embarrassment. If she had stayed in the bar for more than just fifteen minutes, I`m convinced that a couple of Good Samaritans would have told her to get the hell out of there.

This isn`t an issue of women`s rights or treating a pregnant woman condescendingly, it`s a matter of commonsense. A pregnant woman doesn`t belong in a rowdy bar -- period!

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