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Published:January 15th, 2011 10:38 EST
Prof. Bhim Singh Says India is The Largest Democracy of The World

Prof. Bhim Singh Says India is The Largest Democracy of The World

By SOP newswire2

Addressing a National Seminar on secularism, communalism and democracy today in Mumbai organised by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Member, National Integration Council cautioned the freelance intellectuals to keep in mind that India is the largest democracy of the world and secularism and non-violence are the souls of democracy. He chided the so-called intellectual elite for preaching violence, neo democracy, guns and bullets to achieve what they call as social justice.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that those who are talking of democracy and peace claiming to be fighting against colonialism and imperialism by supporting naxalism, maoism are in fact fighting the cause of colonialism and foreign agencies who intend to destabilise India. Answering another question on Jammu and Kashmir, Prof. Bhim Singh said that J&K has been and is mirror of secularism and it is Pakistan which has violated Human Rights in J&K and defied UN Resolution on J&K. He reminded the high elite students and teachers of the institute that UN had directed Pakistan to vacate all occupied lands of J&K and Pakistan violated it. He said that instead, Pakistan has illegally annexed 28000 sq. miles of our Territory in Gilgit and Baltistan and ceded 5000 sq. miles of J&K Territory to China in violation of UN direction. Answering questions raised by the audience, Prof. Bhim Singh praised the people of Kashmir saying that 100% Kashmiri Muslim is nationalist, secular and committed to the cause of sovereignty of India.

In another question Prof. Bhim Singh said that present democracy has been hijacked by selfish, criminal, corrupt and communal politicians and they can only be removed from power by Ultimate Revolution (Samool Kranti). He emphatically said that the Ultimate Revolution shall be brought without use of American and Chinese guns or violence or hatred. He said that "Ultimate Revolution` shall be brought by the power of mind and thought of the coming generations. He accused the power hungry politicians for polluting peace and communal harmony to promote their selfish interests and political gains.
There was a big commotion among the audience when Prof. Bhim Singh attacked the violence mongers and cuedo secularists who intend to divide society by their hate utterances taking wrong advantage of democracy and freedom of speech.