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Published:January 18th, 2011 20:38 EST
Power: In The Eyes of God

Power: In The Eyes of God

By Ed Roberts


I am sending this out today with the hope that it will be shared with others and other writers across our planet will with their pens help send the message that each and every one of us, male or female, is a one-of-a-kind priceless creation in the eyes of God.


Human rights should never be determined by faith, race, or gender for in the end, we are all children who share but one single heart.





You are not defective

You are not inferior

You are not a possession

Something to be traded

Or bartered with

You are not a servant

Nor a slave

You are not a toy

Something that can be used

Then put away until wanted again


It is sad

That I feel I must start here

Telling you all the things you are not

But I fear 

That when you finally read this

You may have already been told

All of these things

You are

And my greatest fear is

Some of these

You might actually have begun

To believe


You can be

A teacher

A doctor

A nurse

A scientist or engineer

A diplomat

Or a great warrior

Hopefully one for change and peace

You can also be a guide or a companion

Both if you desire


As you read these few words

I hope you now understand

All of these

Like myself

You can become

But in your case

You also can become something so much more


For I am but a simple poet

A man who reaches out to the world with poetry

Words I pray may somehow make a difference

But you

You posses a power that no man on Earth



You are Woman

From yourself

You can bring forth life


This is a power

Most men fear

Others often try to control

But one

No man

Can ever hope to possess


I bow tonight

To your power

And pray

You are one

Who uses it wisely

For power is one thing

So many men

Completely fail to understand


Ed Roberts



In my life

I have been blessed with the love and support

Of my wife Letha

She is truly the second beat of my own heart

You deserve nothing less

Than a relationship as great

As this