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Published:January 19th, 2011 13:53 EST

Outrage: German Court Rules Women Must Wear Bras At Work!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A court has ruled German bosses can legally order female employees to wear bras in the workplace and that`s the only thing they can regulate.


The court ruling was made in North Rhine-Westphalia and concerned an airport security firm. The firm`s supervisors can now demand female employees wear either an undershirt or skin-colored bras while at work.

Bosses can also determine the length of female employees` fingernails and require that hair be clean and groomed."

I like to keep abreast of titillating weird news all over the globe, and this decision by a bunch of boobs to empower German bosses to order female employees to wear bras in the workplace is insane.

If a supervisor doesn`t order a dude with man boobs to wear a bra, the female employees should file a lawsuit alleging discrimination.

Where does this state as a nanny foolishness stop? Will employers be allowed to ban their employees from wearing thongs?

This ruling is plain silly, if an employee claims she is wearing a bra but her boss disagrees, will she have to unfasten her shirt to prove she`s telling the truth.

I hope the female employees wear bras to work and then burn them as an expression of female empowerment.

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