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Published:January 24th, 2011 00:27 EST

Woman Partially Paralyzed From A Hickey

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman was partially paralyzed from a hickey that caused her to have a small stroke, the New Zealand Medical Journal said according to a media report.


The 44-year-old New Zealander went to the emergency room after she found that she couldn`t move her left arm while she was watching TV.

Doctors concluded that she had had a stroke but were perplexed as to why, the paper said. Then they found a `love bite` on her neck near a major artery, and discovered a clot in the artery beneath the hickey - a small vertical bruise.

The Maori woman was treated with an anticoagulant and the clot disappeared within a week, doctors said." Read More

Only kids, drunks and wannabe vampires give each other hickeys. The Maori woman is way too old to let anyone give her a hickey.

It`s one thing to take your lover`s breath away, it`s quite another to almost take her life away.

If a hickey causes this woman to suffer a stroke, I would advise her not to make love; she might die of a heart attack.

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