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Published:January 28th, 2011 10:23 EST
Ousting Bristol Palin from Washington University Sex Week?

Ousting Bristol Palin from Washington University Sex Week?

By SOP newswire2

One day after a viral marketing campaign by Sapientia Media LLC, Washington University in St. Louis student leadership bowed to substantial pressure from students and the media to cancel a scheduled speaking engagement by Bristol Palin.

Organized by the Student Health Advisory Committee, the speech was to focus on abstinence during the group`s Sexual Responsibility Week in February. After allotting $20,000 in funding for the event on Tuesday Night, the Student Union Treasury at Washington University came under heavy criticism due to concerns about Palin`s ability to provide meaningful insight on the subject of abstinence.

Numerous Facebook groups were started by students to express disapproval at the high cost and questionable benefits of the event. Student Ryan McCombe played an integral role by first proposing a petition for a referendum on the treasury vote with the goal of reversing the funding for the Palin event.

This petition was subsequently digitized by Sapientia Media LLC and extensively marketed through social media. In an effort to sway the Student Health Advisory Committee`s opinion, its president Scott Elman was granted private access to the full petition on Wednesday night. However, the role of the document in his organization`s decision to cancel the event remains unknown.

The digital petition by Sapientia Media ended its campaign with success less than 28 hours after its inception with 563 signatures, constituting over 9% of the undergraduate student population at Washington University. In addition, posts on its Facebook page Digital Petition for SU Referendum on Bristol Palin Speech have been viewed 5029 times since the page`s creation on Wednesday Evening.