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Published:February 8th, 2011 09:31 EST

Love Long and Hard on Valentine's Day: Why 12 is the Magic Number?

By SOP newswire2

What does it take to be life long lovers? How can couples stay together, let alone enjoy long lasting love, in our "disposable" culture?

Mentor Marnie Swedberg shares 12 Keys to Long Lasting Love from Life Long Lovers based on her research of 12 couples who have enjoyed over 50 years of marriage.

"So many couples give up too easily," says Swedberg, who supports super busy women worldwide and has herself been married for 27 years through fires, floods, burglaries, business set-backs, accidents and many other challenges.

"What`s astounding is that the advice these successful couples give is neither expensive nor time consuming. It transcends simple strategies like weekly dates and new negligees."

For example, Stan and Doris have practiced their "stick together" advice through 12 moves in their 50 years of marriage. Dorie and Harold encourage couples to, "just get on with it." Now married for 78 years, their marriage survived wartime in Britain, when they were separated for years at a time.

The Guinness Book of World Records claims the longest-married living couple is Herbert & Zelmyra Fisher, who have maintained their marriage through WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement and fifteen presidents. In honor of their 85th anniversary, the couple started a Twitter page together, where they offer lots of great advice.

Several of the couples, including the 70 years married, Glenn and Ruth of Ohio, advise, "Put God first in your life."

Couples need to know that long lasting love is possible and becoming life long lovers is realistic.

To read the full report, listen to a free public teleconference on the 12 Keys to Long Lasting Love from Life Long Lovers, or to interview Marnie, visit, the blog. Also check out the most recent release in her book series, "Minute Memoirs: Capturing What You Can In the Minutes You Have."

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