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Published:February 10th, 2011 10:51 EST
Prof. Bhim Singh's Lastest Book, 'The Blunders and Way Out' Released Today

Prof. Bhim Singh's Lastest Book, 'The Blunders and Way Out' Released Today

By SOP newswire2

Shri Ved Bhasin, Chairman of Kashmir Times Publications and Internationally famed ideologue today launched, `The Blunders and Way Out`, the latest book of Prof. Bhim Singh on Jammu and Kashmir.
Shri Ved Bhasin said, "Though I do not every on all facts contained in this historic document authored by Bhim Singh, yet I would like to say that this was a unique effort by a political activist who has been fighting his way for nearly half a century.

I have been admirer and critic of Prof. Bhim Singh for his directionless bulldozing sometime". Shri Bhasin described the author as a lover of freedom, secularism, international brotherhood and human rights activist. Shri Bhasin said that Bhim Singh has been going on like a storm since 1959 when I met him in the Science College when he was sitting on hunger strike.

Mr. Bhasin advised Prof. Bhim Singh to carry on with his Peace Mission and secular credentials to achieve what he intends to achieve in Jammu and Kashmir. Mr. Bhasin was highly magnanimous to suggest that Prof. Bhim Singh now should take the lead to strengthen the bonds of peace, secularism and good relations among the people of the entire Kashmir. If he does so, Mr. Bhasin assured that he shall also express his support to and solidarity with Prof. Bhim Singh to reach his goal.

On the "way out` Mr. Ved Bhasin, without mentioning Reorganization of the state, appreciated the initiative taken by the Author in the concluding paragraph of his book. The Author has advocated for Reorganization of the state without breaking the state, on the basis of cultural, linguistic and geographical identity of each region so that the people of each region can live with their past dignity cultural identity.

The Chairman of J&K Forum for peace and reconciliations Mr. Jatinder Bakshi, welcomed the galaxy of distinguished personalities who were present in the highly impressive gathering at Press Club, Jammu during the Book released. The Vice-President of the Forum Dr. Zahoor-ud-Din in his vote of thanks expressed hope that a new era of understanding among different sections of Jammu and Kashmir shall start with the message of this book.

Prof. Hari Om, a noted historian also expressed his views. He pointed out that the incident of 17th May, 1949 should have also been included. He appreciated the efforts of the Author to devote time to right such a historic document.

Prof. Chander Mohan of Delhi University in his observations said that he has seen first document on Jammu and Kashmir which deserves the attention of all those from the country and J&K who desire to understand Jammu and Kashmir in its right prospective.

The important persons present were Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Ms. Anita Thakur, Mr. P.K. Ganju, General Jagdish Singh, Lt. Gen Mr. B..N Dhar, Mr. Jatinder Udhampuri, Mr. Udey Chand, Prof. D.L Choudhary, S. Inderjeet Singh Chamak (retd. DIG) and others.

Shri Joginder Chouhan conducted the meeting and Dr. Zahoor presided over the function.