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Published:February 11th, 2011 11:56 EST

Black-Eyed Peas Super Bowl Halftime Show: A Disaster That Left America Speechless

By Robert Paul Reyes

It`s been almost a week since the Super Bowl, and my nerves have finally calmed down enough so I can write about the awful halftime show featuring the abominable Black-Eyed Peas.


In 2006 the Peas released the most wretched song in the history of pop music; if you can listen to "My Humps" without vomiting you have a very formidable stomach.

Fergie resembled a horse with her eyes caught in the headlights, she stood motionless as she brayed and screamed. Girlfriend needs to be put out to pasture.

Will.I.Am and the rest of his posse looked and sounded ridiculous. I won`t go into detail, I don`t want to make you sick.

A halftime show featuring Mubarak dressed in short shorts, and doing the Macarena would have been a quantum improvement.

What demographics was Fox trying to reach by having the Peas headline the halftime show, patients at a mental asylum?

I`m going to send my bills from my psychologist and psychiatrist to the Fox network.

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