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Published:February 11th, 2011 11:42 EST

EPA and the Republican Threat

By Vincent Gonzalez

In an attempt to limit the authority and the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency, congressional Republicans are attacking the agency with anew luster. The EPA`s effort to tackle the latest and perhaps most challenging environmental problem, -- global warming-- has made it enemy number one of the new Republican leadership`s anti-regulatory agenda. The Obama administration, having failed last year to produce any new legislation to curb global warming, is left to use the existing law -- the Clean Air Act -- to attempt to reduce the pollution causing global temperatures to rise.

The agency is all too familiar with the occurrence of shifting political attitudes. In the past, though, Congress passed pretty much unanimously all the laws that cleaned up the air and water.

Republicans seem to not like the EPA because it forces businesses to enact measures to reduce contaminating our environment. These measures for the most part are why we don`t have lead in our toys or mercury in our drinking water, or asbestos in our ceiling. Businesses don`t like them because they have to spend more in order to not just deposit their toxins into our environment. So, since they fund the Republicans, the Republicans are against the EPA. It`s as plain and simple as that. By hanging on to a few polluters of the past who save costs, the republicans are, again, destroying the long term future of the country. Listening to their pockets instead of the voters, choosing to exercise personal gain instead of common sense.

Here`s the thing, even if global warming wasn`t a man made incidence, why would you be for the destruction of green land and for the increase in dangerous pollutants in our air and water? Does the thought of living on a desolate rock with water so toxic that you can`t play in it and air with so much dust and smoke in it that you have to breathe through a mask appeal to you?

The irony is that China is creating millions of jobs in the renewable energy business right now. When they are done, the cheapest source for wind turbines, solar panels and basically all other green technology will be them.