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Published:February 14th, 2011 10:49 EST
"With Love From Me To You"-The Five Trippiest Couples of Love and Music!

"With Love From Me To You"-The Five Trippiest Couples of Love and Music!

By John G. Kays

A young woman is dead. I don`t care. You probably don`t care. The police don`t care. The papers don`t care. The punks for the most part don`t care. The only people that care are (I suppose) her parents and (I`m almost certain) the boy accused of murdering her. "
-Lester Bangs, on Nancy Spungen`s murder

john and yoko

Best I can come up with for Lupercalia is the intersection of music and love, by way of my five favorite couples, that touch on slightly variegated nuances of romance, when it melts with the music business (an intersection of twin forces, Dumbo!).

johnny cash and june carter

Nothing is contrived, I just thought of the first five that came to me naturally (from Aphrodite`s wand of whimsy), Like the circles that you find, in the windmills of your mind. " Correct me if I`m wrong, but each couple projects an argument as to why the muse of music begets love, and conversely, love conjures forth the sweet sound of music made in heaven.

sonny and cher


The Ballad of John and Yoko tells their Love Story aptly in song. Different versions of how they met, but on the first night together they recorded the avant-garde album Two Virgins. They were meant for each other. John`s music changed after falling in love with Yoko. Got artier. I like both periods. Bed-In for Peace, Bagism, heroin binges, or Double Fantasy brilliance-all expressions of Modern Art and equally expressions of Modern Love. Kinetic tension in their lamentable liaison, but this is what bakes in the cake for a perfect couple on Valentine`s Day.  

captain and tennille


June Carter wrote Ring of Fire for Johnny, but he added the mariachi band, making it his greatest song. And check out the duet Jackson (1967), with Johnny and June singing in harmony; it won a Grammy too. And June helped Johnny lick his problem with prescription drugs. The movie Walk The Line does the couple justice, but footage of the real couple together on The Johnny Cash Show (1969-1971) works even better. June and Johnny LOVED MUSIC and LOVED EACH OTHER! It`s obvious.

sid and nancy


Sonny Bono and Cherilyn Sarkisian look cool together singing I Got You Babe. A shaggy, wholesome hippie couple that appear to be in love. A visually compelling lovey-dovey twosome that reek of romantic vicissitudes, shifting beatitudes ala mid-1960s. Both made sterling contributions to Phil Spector`s discography and together they produced some memorable hits of their own to boot. My favorite is Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), which Sonny wrote for Cher`s second solo album, The Sonny Side of Chér.


Romance and the 1970s merge together convincingly with the campy pop duo of Captain (Daryl Dragon) and Tennille (Cathryn Antoinette Toni " Tennille). You might remember some of their mega hits, such as Love Will Keep Us Together, Muskrat Love, or Do That to Me One More Time. The Captain (the Rick Wakeman of the duo) manned the multiple electric keyboard duties, while Tennille handled the vocals, PR, and twinkled the ivories of her piano.

C & T had their own television variety show, played for Betty Ford and Gerald Ford at the White House once. and falsely claimed they were married on Valentine`s Day (actually they were hitched on November 11, 1975). Captured those times in such a way, that it`s impossible to recall just what it was like without watching ample snippets of C & T footage on YouTube. The `70s slipped by in such a way, unreal, like a shopping mall display case!


Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen had a tumultuous 23 month fling that ended up in murder. Excessive heroin usage is the usual suspect in this destructive courtship, that largely took place in the Chelsea Hotel (room 100) in New York City. Sid purportedly stabbed her to death on October 12, 1978 in a drug-fueled fit of anti-girlfriend ultra-violence.

Didn`t even know he`d done it. Nancy was a foul-mouthed groupie in punk circles and Sid was a washed-up bass player of Sex Pistols fame, but did things "His Way.` The stormy punk-romance is nicely portrayed in a 1986 British biopic, Sid and Nancy. So ends our story of music and romance, that comes in many shapes and sizes, but tragedy oft` knocks on your droopy door when mischievous Cupid shoots his poisonous arrow pass your crooked eye-glasses. Better scram!