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Published:February 14th, 2011 10:39 EST

Dudes: Avoid Valentine's Day Disaster, Give Your Woman Flowers!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It pays to communicate your love in ways that have the most meaning for your partner for Valentine`s Day, the California Healthy Marriages Coalition advises.


Patty Howell, vice president of the California Healthy Marriages Coalition in Los Angeles, says candy and cards are traditional on Valentine`s Day but that only works if a partner really wants candy and cards."


Dudes: Your wife or girlfriend may want a diamond ring and a mink coat for Valentine`s Day, but don`t forget to give her candy and roses. Every woman wants to receive flowers for Valentine`s Day. A desire for roses is coded into her DNA in the same fashion that a hunger to go to a strip club is hardwired into every guy`s brain.

But if you give your sweetie flowers in the privacy of your bedroom, she`s liable to stuff the flowers down your throat. Don`t be a fool, have the flowers delivered to her place of employment so she can enjoy all the envious looks from her co-workers. I used to work in a huge office of about 70 employees, and on Valentine`s Day the office looked and reeked like a floral shop.

According to Freud young girls suffer from penis envy, but according to Dr. Reyes women suffer from flower envy. I remember the time the lady who sat in the cubicle next to me received red roses for Valentine`s Day, she was glowing with love for her man. But when a huge assortment of flowers was delivered to another lady in the office her face was seething with rage for her cheap husband.

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