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Published:February 15th, 2011 19:24 EST

British Prime Minister Cameron To Get A Cat To Catch Celeb Downing Street Rat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting a cat after a couple of rats, or the same rat twice, made surprise appearances on news broadcasts.

cameronSources say the four-year-old cat, said to be named Larry, was selected by a member of Cameron`s staff at the Battersea Cats and Dogs Rescue Home, the BBC reported. There were several weeks of discussion on how to deal with the rodent problem with staffers at No. 10 Downing Street reportedly split on a cat while Cameron, his wife, Samantha, and their two older children were enthusiastic about the idea.

`The whole family really loves cats,` a source said. `They have had two cats in the past and would love to have one in No 10.`"


The rat has made a couple of appearance while a member of Cameron`s staff was interviewed outside of 10 Downey Street. The rat is somewhat of a celebrity, he of course has his own Facebook page.

Only a politician would engage in weeks of discussion to decide how to deal with a rodent problem. I imagine that Prime Minister David Cameron was hesitant to get a cat to eat the rat, because he didn`t want to offend the fans of the celebrity rat.

There are millions more cat lovers than there are rat lovers, I think Cameron made the right decision. The cat will make short work of any rats, and Cameron`s kids will love the cat. Everybody will be happy except the rat, but let`s hope that his Facebook page will stay up in his memory.

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