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Published:February 15th, 2011 22:08 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Brad Milne About 'A Book By Its Cover'

Judyth Piazza chats with Brad Milne About 'A Book By Its Cover'

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

A Book By Its Cover from By The Book Films, Inc. was spawned out of a short movie and has grown into an independent TV-Series.

The pilot episode of A Book By It`s Cover "The Spaces Between" is now in post production in San Antonio, TX This dramatic TV-Series follows the life of a not so average kid named David, in fact he`s about the size of two average kids his age. His challenge is teenage obesity and teenage bullying. He doesn`t see the world the way most people do.

The alarming thing is that there is an ever increasing number of obese kids in America today, an epidemic. Our aim is educate viewers about these issues in a very human and richly textured way through the story that examines David`s relationship`s with his younger sister Liz, his mother and step dad, his therapist, teachers, friends and bullies. The backdrop is San Antonio, one of the story`s main characters with a complimentary blend of historic and present day architecture and cultural blend. Based in San Antonio, A Book By It`s Cover confronts teenage obesity and bullying with all of its present and ongoing efforts to reverse these two problems.

Another element that makes the project as a whole special is that two of its producers are 14 & 17 year old Liz & Alex Poncio. The concept of the original script was born out of an filmmaking/acting/producing camp designed and organized by Brad Milne where the campers make their own short film. Milne tasked the pilot episode main writer with a basic concept and what he wrote turned out to be strong core story to build from. Milne sent the writer, Roy Eisenstein links to reels of these two young actors, Liz & Alex, and when Roy wrote, he wrote based on what was in front of him and NOT the epidemic sweeping our nation.

The first version of the script was intended to be a 10-12 minute short film but it was clear from those first few pages that there was so much potential to build a broader and widely compelling story. And after several days of notes, changes, and a couple of more drafts A Book By Its Cover was born. The pilot episode "The Spaces Between" simultaneously became the first project of the San Antonio Film Academy, an acting/filmmaking school. The show is completely San Antonio based and supported.