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Published:February 17th, 2011 11:10 EST

Video: Animal Planet Nabs Klepto The Adorable Cat Burglar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A thieving feline has been caught on camera, stealing over 600 items from neighbors` homes in a California town, reports said Wednesday.


Dusty the cat burglar was videoed by a night-vision camera carrying everything from a bath sponge and a toy dinosaur to a neighbor`s bikini top down the street in San Mateo, south of San Francisco.

Infrared video of Dusty showed it carrying a string of stolen goods in his mouth, including one item of clothing so big and long that the cat`s back feet were splayed as it hobbled along the sidewalk, dragging its bounty.

Neighbors have re-named Dusty `Klepto the cat` after he was caught red-pawed following an investigation by `Animal Planet,` which featured him in one of its TV shows this week."


All cats have a larcenous heart, it`s not unusual for me to see my cat Ebony with one of my socks in her mouth. I`ve found my personal belongings in weird places, like behind the refrigerator and even inside the litter box. If I allowed Ebony to go outside she would probably make the FBI`s Ten Most Wanted list.

It`s interested to not that Dusty`s owners allow him to roam at night even though they are aware that he`s a kleptomaniac. On a serious note, cats should be kept indoors at all times, there are too many dangers in the streets for our feline friends.

It took the sleuths at "Animal Planet" to nab the furry thief, but none of the neighbors want to see Dusty punished. When you are as cute as Dusty you can get away with murder, or at least burglary.

If you had a klepto cat that came home with cash and jewelry instead of socks and towels, what would you do?

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