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Published:February 21st, 2011 12:09 EST

Miracle: Cat Survives Having Arrow Shot Into His Head

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A black tomcat who survived having an arrow shot into his head may have his name changed from `Jynx` to `Lucky`, the cat`s Illinois owner said.


Sadie DeWolfe, 33, of Toulon said her pet slipped from her house and was shot sometime Friday, the Peoria (Ill.) Journal Star reported.

She said she found him on her front step about three hours later -- the arrow still in his head.

DeWolfe said she took a picture of the injured cat with her phone, posted it on Facebook and got many comments from people angry about the cruelty Jynx suffered."


There are millions of cat lovers, unfortunately there are also a few twisted individuals who enjoy hurting cats and other animals. I urge all cat owners not to let their beloved pets roam outside, there are too many dangers out there. The worst thing that can happen to an indoor cat is to be pestered by the family pooch, but outdoor cats face myriad dangers.

Lucky is expected to recover, and hope that Sadie will keep a close watch on her cat so he doesn`t slip out the door again. Sadie isn`t exactly the best cat owner in the world, she lets the cat escape from her home, and then she posts images of the injured cat on Facebook. Maybe there`s a good reason why Lucky escaped from her home.

I hope I`m wrong and that the black tomcat will deserve to be called "Lucky" and not "Jynx" for living with Sadie.

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