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Published:February 21st, 2011 16:29 EST
Tree Killers in the South: Don`t Take It Out on The Trees!

Tree Killers in the South: Don`t Take It Out on The Trees!

By Ron G Anselm


For the hard core football fans that live in the Deep South especially the ones that live In Alabama, if you have ever been here during College Football season you know how seriously these Southerners take their college football.


When I moved here six years ago, all I heard was who are you for? Auburn or Alabama? These two football programs here in Alabama are like the meaning of life and death to a lot of people. When you are born here, you are either branded by your parents to being a lifelong Auburn fan or a lifelong Alabama fan there is no other team to choose from. The tradition here is you will be a fan of one or the other of these two schools.


Both of the programs have a history of long standing traditions and many memorable moments and are both great football programs. When the season is in full swing people that are Auburn fans are talking trash about Alabama and the Alabama fans are doing the same to the Auburn fans and when these two teams play each other in the Iron Bowl every November, the entire state shuts down.


Now this is all in good fun and most people here do not mean any harm against one another when it comes to the Auburn fans and Alabama fans but there is always one bad apple in the bunch.


If you haven`t heard about this on the news yet, one local Alabama moron by the name of Harvey Almorn UpDyke Jr., (even his name has a redneck ring to it) decided to go out and poison the two 130-year old Oak Trees at Toomer`s Corner on the campus of Auburn University where the Auburn fans have a big and long standing tradition of throwing toilet paper on the trees, sort of like we did as kids when we tee-pee`d a house for fun, these fans did the same to the two trees to celebrate victories by Auburn.


This guy even called a local radio show to brag about poisoning the trees which has the same stupidity of someone robbing a bank at one branch and going and bragging about it to another branch of the same bank.


He was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of criminal mischief which carries a sentence of at least ten years in the slammer if he is convicted. I personally hope they throw the book at him, lock him up and lose the key.


I believe his reason for doing this was he is an Alabama fan and was jealous because Auburn had won the National Championship and Alabama didn`t. 


I am an Alabama fan also but I`m not going to the local Home Depot and buying Herbicide poison and going all the way to Auburn to take it out on two trees that have been a part of the tradition of Auburn football for a very long time.


In all seriousness, it is sad this even happened. It gives the good football fans here in the South a bad name. Take it from me, most of the fans I have come in contact with here are good fans and love the game of College football.


Hopefully by miracle, these two trees will survive but the chances are very slim to none. One good thing is a lot of the companies here that sell large trees are offering to replace the two trees if they do die but how can you replace a 130-year old tree that has been a part of every moment in Auburn Football history? You can`t!