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Published:February 24th, 2011 13:51 EST

Old Dude Brandishing Giant Fork Impersonates A Police Officer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Florida said a 69-year-old man was arrested after pointing a barbecue fork at motorists and claiming to be a police officer.


The Broward County Sheriff`s Office said deputies found Howard Schultz of Pompano Beach pointing his 10-inch cooking utensil at passing cars near a Walgreens store Monday, WTVJ-TV, Miami, reported Wednesday.

Deputies said Schultz was able to convince at least one motorist to pull over and claimed to be a police officer."


The 69-year-old codger would have been more convincing as a police officer if he had been holding a donut instead of brandishing a barbecue fork.

If the old goat tried to get me to pull over by waving his giant fork in front of me, he would have looked like a speed bump and not a cop.

I can`t believe that the old codger actually convinced one motorist to pull over. Never mind the barbecue fork, when`s the last time anybody saw a 69-year-old cop?

The crazy old man and the dude who pulled over need psychiatric intervention.

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