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Published:February 25th, 2011 12:25 EST

Charlie Sheen's Unholy Rant Leads To Cancellation Of Two And A Half Men

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Years ago, talk show host Phil Donahue used to say he wanted to televise an execution.

That hasn`t happened yet - but Charlie Sheen`s downward spiral, and ultimate shutdown of CBS` sitcom "Two and A Half Men," is about as close as we can get without seeing someone`s head blown off.


While it stinks for all of the folks who work on the show - from the grips to the people who make sandwiches for the food cart - CBS and Warner Bros. had no choice but to shut down production for this season.

Will the show ever come back? I`d take the odds that it won`t."

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CBS has finally kicked Charlie Sheen to the curb -- where he feels right at home with the prostitutes and the drug dealers.

There were only four more episodes scheduled to be filmed this season, if CBS brings back "Two and a Half Men" for next season Sheen`s punishment is only a slap on the wrist.

Sheen is a gifted comedic actor, and I love "Two and a Half Men", but I can no longer separate the character he plays from the rotten scoundrel he has turned into.

The troubled actor lambasted everyone associated with the show, except for the actors, how can the producers possibly bring him back next year?

Not only has Sheen derailed his career, but his boorish behavior has resulted in hundreds of people who work on the show to lose their jobs.

Sheen`s sit-com should be permanently canceled, and nobody else in Hollywood should hire him. Sheen should be free to do what loves: Boink porn stars and do cocaine.

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