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Published:February 25th, 2011 12:28 EST
J&K Governor Urged to Intervene in the Constitutional Crisis

J&K Governor Urged to Intervene in the Constitutional Crisis

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, J&K National Panthers Party has urged Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K to take appropriate and desirable action under Section 92 of J&K Constitution to save the state from further catastrophe which has been created by the Govt. of J&K adding to the constitutional crisis vis-à-vis the Legislative Council of J&K.

Prof. Bhim Singh, a constitutional expert has accused the State Govt. for violating the rules and trespassing into the domain of J&K Constitution which is obvious from the appointment of a Secretary of the Legislative Council by a Cabinet Order which is totally against the letter and spirit of the mandate of the Constitution and the rules. He said Rule-7 and 12 clearly indicate that the Chairman of the Legislative Council and in his absence the Deputy Chairman of Legislative Council is the only competent authority to fill the vacancy of the post of Secretary or anybody else by promotion from within the staff recruited in the Council. He said that there has been no Chairman for several years because of the conflict between the ruling groups, NC and Congress.

There is Dy. Chairman who is competent to discharge the functions of the Chairman. The Dy. Chairman on 1st February, 2011 promoted Dy. Secretary to the rank of Secretary which was not liked by the ruling National Conference. The Chief Minister proposed his own man from the Secretariat and appointed, though unconstitutionally another person as the Secretary of the Legislative Council on 8th February, 2011.

The Government has also issued instructions to the bank operating accounts of the Legislative Council to not entertain any cheque on behalf of the Legislative Council if signed by the Secretary promoted by the Dy. Chairman strictly in accordance with the law and the rules. The Legislative Assembly and the Council are meeting on 28th of February, 2011.

In case the Legislative Council is prohibited from drawing any money from the bank, the functions of the Legislative Council shall automatically stop. This has created the constitutional crisis because of the authoritarian and unconstitutional stand taken by the Chief Minister who wants pro-NC man to take over the control of the Legislative Council. The Panthers Party Chairman made strong appeal to the Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 of the J&K Constitution without any delay and take over the administration in his hand to save the State from further disaster.